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Lifting the Veil
Book 1: The Wolfing Way
Book 2: Genie's Wish
Book 3: Hunter's Moon
Book 4: Love of the Wild
Book 5: Monsters Under the Bed
Book 6: Lifting the Veil

A Lifting the Veil: Book 6
Susan Laine
ISBN#: 9781634769723
March 2016
Dreamspinner Press
240 Pages
Mystery/Suspense/ Werewolves/Shapeshifters/High Fantasy/Urban/Paranorma
Rating: 5 Cups

Finn Grayson is a master thief who lives for the challenge of stealing the world's most coveted treasures. So, when he is asked to steal an ancient artifact called the "shard," he is quick to take on the challenge. There is only one problem, the shard is guarded by a dragon, and Finn has just entered his lair!

Cameron Feilong is an ancient dragon shifter. He is also the guardian of the Earth Shard and will do anything, even die to protect it. So, when Finn shows up to steal it, he is quick to disabuse Finn of that idea.

Unfortunately, while Cameron is attacking Finn for daring to attempt to steal the Earth Shard, another thief gets in and does steal it. When both Cameron and Finn realize they have been had, so to speak, they join forces to get the Earth Shard back. They travel to warn the other Guardians that someone is after the different shards which are connected to the elements. Along the way Fin and Cameron discover an attraction unlike any other, but their enemies are many, and they may not live long enough to act on it, let along get the Earth Shard back and help the other Guardians keep their shards.

I absolutely ADORED Stealing Dragon's Heart by Susan Laine. I loved the premise of a master thief and an ancient dragon shifter getting together. The way Ms. Laine put together this fantasy world is some of the best world building I have had the pleasure to read. Couple that with the erotic dance between Finn and Cameron and I cannot wait to read the rest of the books in this series. If you love fantasy and m/m romance, you simply have to read this book!

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