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ISBN: 9780857150486
March 2010
Total-E-Bound Publication
292 Pages
M/M Erotica, contemporary, paranormal/fantasy, sci-fi
Rating: 4 Cups

Stolen Memories

Aden Brousseau lost his mother at the tender age of nine. When his mysterious neighbor consoled him and promised to save his childhood home for him, Aden vowed he would return some day.

Victor DePasse only goes out at night due to him being a vampire. When he sees Aden mourning his mother, he helps the boy come to grips with moving away.

Aden is now all grown up and in an abusive relationship with Josh; a man who is supposed to love him but continues to put his writing skills down and pirate them on the internet. After being knocked unconscious he wakes up in Victor’s home. Finding out that Victor is a vampire is not as shocking as it should be. It is the fact that Aden is something besides just human and he will have to come to terms with his own sexuality.

Ms. Lynne puts a unique spin on the vampire genre. Stolen Memories was one hot story! The sex scenes were explosive, sensual, and leave you aching for more. I thought Aden’s struggle with how Victor needs to feed was a great and realistic way to describe how any lover would feel. Very nicely done.

Stealing Rain

Drew Lacour makes his living selling water to the highest bidder.

Trace Delano owns his own security company and protects the frozen lake from being found.

When Trace seizes Drew’s spaceship, it brings all of his past memories to live. He remembers all the bittersweet times he and Drew made love; the intensity, the love, and the agony of their parting. Now he must try to find a way to save his past love from execution.

Mr. Manly and Mr. Llewellyn are brilliant writers. This tale about having a second chance at love was hot, intense, and shows just how erotic sex in the rain can be. Stealing Rain is one sexy tale and you will not be disappointed. I know I was not!

Hotwired Heart

Marky belonged to the Greenback gang. He has left the gang and refuses to go back to that way of life.

Rolly owns a club that caters toward BDSM.

When Marky stumbles upon the club, he finds himself in a situation unlike anything he has ever been in before. Rolly comes forth and saves him and he finds himself at the owner’s mercy. Thus begins a journey into the BDSM world and Marky is soon falling for the beautiful blond man. When Marky’s past comes calling though, he may not get the happy ending that he finds himself craving.

Ms. Samms writes with a highly erotic voice. Each time Rolly touched, caressed, or licked Marky I could almost feel it myself. The added touch of danger gave this tale edginess to an already enjoyable story. I really liked this tale.

The Magic Thieves

Elryk is a wizard who has lost all of his magic. He knows it is time to get it back.

Kaythan is a warrior. He is supposed to capture Elryk but instead he has his own agenda.

There is something about Kaythan that has Elryk feeling strange. He soon realizes that the enticing warrior is more than just the man who has kidnapped him. There attraction is instantaneous. But if they cannot fight the evil wizard out to control the council, there may not be time to explore each other’s feelings and needs.

Ms. Yates tells a story with zest. I liked the idea of how Kaythan starts out as a warrior but ends up being so much more when needed. The sex scenes were spicy hot and the dangerous situations just kept coming. This was a very nice story and I really enjoyed reading it.

Stealing Michael

Robert Mitchell is supposed to steal a painting from a famous author for his mother. Instead, he finds himself at the wrong address.

Michael Barrett owns a bar. When a young man he sees as a dirty angel mistakes him for someone else, he tries to convince him that he is not some Thomas guy.

Robert is terrified of what his mother will do once she finds out that he has messed up. Michael cannot believe how attracted he is to the man who broke into his house and he is amazed that he wants him as much as he does. They come together in a passionate and explosive way. What will happen when Robert’s abusive mother comes calling and demands that her son comes home?

Stealing Michael is heartwarming, breathtaking, and simply beautiful. Ms. Jones really gives the reader powerful emotions when she describes the abusive scars that Robert had from his mother. The way Michael helps heal his lover was a sight to behold as well. This tale is a story that will stick to you and keep your soul warm for a long, long time.

Dragon’s Eye

Duncan Moore is a dragon shifter. Yet he has not been able to shift in ten long years, since a powerful wizard stole his dragon’s eye.

Trent is Richard’s nephew and a powerful wizard himself. However, unlike his evil uncle he has never wanted to harm or control Duncan.

Duncan is determined to get his dragon’s eye back now that Richard has died. But when he goes to steal it back, he is confronted by Trent but he is not there to stop him. Unfortunately someone else has taken his dragon’s eye which has Trent and Duncan working together to try to get his stone back. What starts as a way to get Duncan’s soul back creates a chain of events that may have Duncan getting his dragon’s eye back but losing his newly found soul mate in the process.

Ms. Hecht sure knows how to keep a reader interested. Dragon’s Eye is a touching story that shows not how “weak” a person may appear when they are abused, but how much strength they have to survive something horrendous. The way both Duncan and Trent ached for each other was so potent I could practically feel the tension crackling off the pages. This is one story that will not disappoint and will keep you craving more!

Stealing My Heart Anthology groups six stories of thievery between seven very talented authors. All of the tales were appreciated for their written words, with some of them being outstandingly brilliant. This last tale was perfectly placed within this book because it will have the reader remembering this novel and wanting to come back and read it time and again. I think having a book with a subject matter of stealing and the proceeds from the purchases going toward stopping illegal e-Book downloads is a bit of irony which I find to be immensely entertaining. I would consider this a great purchase just for that reason alone but add sexy man on man love and stories you will enjoy and I can safely say this is one book you will not regret getting!

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