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ISBN #978-1-59578-837-5
March 2011
Liquid Silver Books
70 Pages
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Anna is the premier gossip columnist in the magazine world for the moment, and she is on her last assignment. She is beautiful and sexy, but her love life is much less interesting that anyone thinks.

Stefan is a billionaire playboy. He is unable to sustain a relationship with just one woman and enjoys his lifestyle immensely. He is also a smart and extremely successful businessman.

Anna does not look forward to seeing her former lover at Kate and Simon’s wedding. He is a womanizer and their affair ended when he cheated on her, but she never got over him. Her life is in turmoil in other ways; her position at the prestigious magazine who has been her employer for years is being terminated, and she does not know what direction that her life will take. She has no idea that Stefan will be a huge part of it.

This is an enjoyably quick read. The main characters are both larger than life. Anna is a bit more likable than Stefan, who is just a little too happy with his lifestyle. Stefan and Anna both regret things about their breakup and it is interesting to read about that. The plot is fast moving and interesting, the characters well presented, and the love scenes are very hot. This is an excellent tale of love in the fast lane.

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