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ISBN: Unavailable
October 2009
Sugar and Spice Press
134 Pages
Young Adult/ Fantasy/ Historical/ Contemporary/ Time Travel
Rating: 4 Cups

Stephanie Andrews is used to getting whatever she wants, no matter how she acts. While most everyone finds her unbearable, they continue to surround themselves with her spoiled essence due to her wealth and beauty.

Madge has been a part of the Andrews’ household since Stephanie’s father was a young boy. She treats the spoiled daughter more like a close relative than an employee’s daughter.

Stephanie continually spills vicious words and comments, hurting anyone that comes in contact with her poisonous tongue. After eating something that doesn't agree with her, Stephanie finds herself sick and dreaming of a different life. One where she is a slave, working for her own relatives and treated unlike anyone has ever thought to treat her before. Will she learn a lesson about what it was like to walk in Madge’s shoes or is her vile nature destined to destroy everyone around her?

Stephanie’s Emerald Fever is a thought-provoking novel that will have you wondering what will happen next. L.J. Maxie uses vivid details and historical depictions to show what life was like for slaves and how they were treated daily without reflection from their owners. To see how Stephanie is in the beginning of the book, follow her through her trials and tribulations of being a slave, and then seeing the end result of her excursion is a beautiful journey. Any reader that is graced with this book will be enlightened by the enriching voyage as you go through the emotions, suffering, and joys of both Stephanie and the other slaves. This is one novel that is memorable and will not be soon forgotten and I thank the author for such an inspiring book.

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