Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN #978-0-446-55598-2
May 2010
Grand Central
Mass Market Paperback
432 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Kate is still mourning the loss of her husband in Iraq. She runs a beauty salon and does her best to avoid her friends' attempts to fix her up with so called eligible men who could never measure up to what she lost.

Zack was a professional poker champion who hobnobbed with the rich and famous and dated actresses and supermodels. He now runs a successful risk management firm. Commitment is not in his plans.

Seventeen years ago, a summer romance with Zack Ferguson resulted in a little girl Kate gave up for adoption. Her circumstances would not allow her to keep the baby, but she has never forgotten her. She is surprised to hear Zack is back in town after disappearing without a trace all those years ago. She is totally unprepared to meet her now seventeen year old pregnant daughter. Grace has a huge chip on her shoulder and is determined to make things difficult for everyone, and Zack is equally determined that they form some sort of family unit with the two of them sharing the responsibility in different houses. The old attraction is still there, however.

I enjoyed this story and grew to like Grace despite her less than pleasant introduction. She has a lot of baggage to sort through and eventually becomes a likeable person. I felt sorry for Kate who seems to be the scapegoat for both Grace and Zack. She did nothing wrong, and Grace seems to have had a much better life than Kate had. She is obviously my favorite character and is a strong woman who has survived more than most, and has grown stronger because of her experience. I loved Kate's in-laws and the subplot of their rekindled romance is a high point of the book. Zack and Kate's love story has its ups and downs, but I could not put it down.

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