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ISBN# (13)9780345531902 (13)9780345531912
30 October 2012
Ballantine Books
400 Pages
Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Trust does not come easily for reclusive author, Shay Morgan. She has spent her life running from a past that claims her dreams, turning them into nightmares. A girl with her kind of baggage can hardly expect to lead a normal life, the type involving relationships. If only Elliot Winter were just a little less patient and understanding, Shay may not be tempted to break all the rules and fall in love.

Elliot Winter cannot take another cool rebuff from Shay Morgan. He knows the moment he meets her that she is the only one for him. He knows her past holds dark secrets, the kind leaving scars on the outside that pale in comparison to the ones tattooing her soul. He only wishes Shay would open up to him, enough for them to have a future.

Now someone is screwing with Shay’s life, stealing her identity and claiming credit for her books. Forced from her refuge, Shay seeks Elliot’s help in solving a mystery as old as the dragons that haunt her dreams. Not only will she share her past with Elliot, Shay will learn to trust a man with her secrets and her heart. On Elliot’s part, he only hopes he can be strong enough to shoulder a burden Shay has been carting her whole life.

Stolen is an unforgettable ride down a twisted path of human cruelty, survival, and the transcending power of acceptance and love in wiping away emotional scars. Though there are graphic descriptions of violence, including assault, they are tastefully and thoughtfully portrayed. Shay and Elliot are intricately crafted, three-dimensional characters with personalities that leap off the page. Readers are immediately drawn into a plot that seems superficial at first, but swallows them whole and spits them out at the end, leaving them lightheaded from the adrenaline rush.

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