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The Lingering Spirit Book One
ISBN# Unavailable
April 2011
Self Published
260 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Tess is a beautiful young woman with a well paying, if not very satisfying job. She has no love life to speak of, an extremely loyal and protective best friend, and she sees ghosts.

Kipp is a smart, sexy, and determined man. He was a member of the Memphis Police Department before he was killed while working on a cold case. He is stuck in this plane and determined to continue his investigation, if he can find someone to communicate with.

A fatal accident that robbed her of her family and even killed her for ten minutes has left Tess with an unusual condition; she can see and communicate with ghosts. Mostly she listens to them and sends them on their way into the light, hopefully without anyone noticing that she is talking to herself, but Kipp McGowan just will not leave her alone. He is determined to solve his last case and find out who killed him. Tess agrees to help and soon finds herself falling for a dead man.

Ms. Kennedy has combined a suspenseful and thought provoking mystery with a poignant love story. While engrossed in the investigation of Kipp and Hannah’s murders, I was enthralled by and saddened at the same time with Kipp and Tess’s love story. Tess leads a pretty lonely life and it just does not seem fair that the perfect man for her is dead. Even though there is no real future for the couple, I was happy that they found each other for at least a little while. The plotline is frequently lightened with some really funny scenes that actually had me laughing out loud. Hopefully the next book will come along soon and will resolve their love story as well as this book resolved the murders.

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