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ISBN: 9781605420691
March 2010
Medallion Press, Inc.
$7.95-US/ $8.95-CAN
338 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Jade is running from her camp, not wanting to marry the man her father betrothed her to as a child. Dimitri is violent, promising to beat her every chance he gets even as he looks upon her with lust in his eyes.

Evan Dark voyaged to England to find out the truth of his heritage from the diary sitting back home in Charleston, South Carolina. He is now on his way back home when he encounters a sexy gypsy woman intending to run as far from her own heritage as possible.

Jade is terrified of the feelings Evan brings forth when she meets his intriguing gray eyes. The southern man knows he has obligations back home, namely a fiancée waiting for him to return so they can announce their wedding date. But forces beyond their control bind these two together and the lovers find themselves journeying across the sea to North America. Vicious enemies, denied passions, and deadly duels try to keep Jade and Evan apart even as they battle the love they both try to refute.

Stolen Promise is jam-packed with one adventure after another for these two lovers. Ms. Wilkinson gives us Jade a woman who is straddling two different lives as she struggles with the heritage she has always had and the heritage she craves. Evan has always been the heir apparent on the plantation in South Carolina, but a secret will tear him apart as he comes to grips with who he is. Both are seeking something but neither knows exactly what that is. I fell in love with the intense passion, exciting adventures, the love that would not be beaten down, and the vivid and colorful depiction that make this a fantastic journey for those readers who want to take a trip within these wonderful pages.

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