Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 9781610406772
9 April 2014
Torquere Press
213 Pages
GLBT, Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Sitting by his uncle’s bedside takes up most of Liam’s days. It is the hours in between that he needs to fill before he slips into a darkness so vast, he may never crawl back out.

The kid has a pretty slim resume, yet there is something about him that makes Ace want to give him a chance. Rescuing strays is somewhat of his Achilles' heel, which makes him wonder if this time it will come back to bite him.

Gene is the father Liam’s never was, so the pain of watching the man die is almost more than Liam can take. He needs a diversion, which hopefully Great Sin Ink can provide. Liam slowly begins to feel human again, in large part due to the shop’s motley crew, but especially Ace. Burying his pain is second nature for Liam. With Ace, however, it is a little terrifying how easy it is to open up.

Tattoos can be an expression of the soul, which, in Liam’s case, is somewhat bruised and tattered. He holds onto his pain like a shield, and it is only with Ace’s help that he finally begins to break free. Ace is solid, strong, and sure, a real presence that Liam can let himself lean on. I love the strength they lend each other in tough times, and the silent shoulder that is always there when needed.

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