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ISBN#: 9781682520444
26 January 2016
Loose Id LLC
234 pages
Fantasy; Paranormal; Shifters; Urban Fantasy
Rating: 5 Cups

Mari, a mermaid who chose to live on land to escape her arranged marriage to a merman, spends her time running a little boutique and lusting after the man whom she met when she rescued him from drowning. She believes he is the hottest man alive, desires every piece of his body, and believes they are both perfect for each other. Only he is afraid of water, acts like she does not exist, made plans to sell and move somewhere west, away from the ocean, and she has a rabid fiancé waiting in the wings who is losing his patience with her delays to their arranged marriage.

Chase is a former Navy diver who owns the bar above Mari’s shop that he started with his brother, who died in a freak diving accident that he blames himself for. As a result he also suffers from PTSD, is deathly afraid of the water, and feels undeserving of any happiness or love. Before his brother’s death, the ocean held good memories for him, now he cannot bear to look at it and makes plans to move away. Having to tell the beautiful, bubbly girl who rents the shop below his bar that he has sold his property and that she has to clear out is the last thing he wants to do

Mari is full of life and happiness and believes she is in love with Chase and will do anything to convince him that his place is next to her beside the ocean. Chase has become quiet since his brother’s death and believes he is not worthy of a beautiful girl like Mari, besides he has made plans to sell his bar and leave her and the ocean behind. A big storm puts a crimp in his plans which in turn gives her an opening she needs to sway him towards her thinking. The storm is the least of their worries as it seems Mari’s fiancé has plans for them both....

I utterly loved this story. Mari was an adorable character with her love of pink, bubbly outlook and hilarious habit to have lurid fantasies starring her and Chase at the drop of a hat. She has a great imagination, despite Chase being a grumpy-butt he is still a sexy beast, and her thoughts are amusing. It is easy to see that he is a good man suffering from grief and guilt, who tries to be stoic, but cannot resist Mari’s charms. Also, when it finally does happen, they are totally hot together ... like really hot. I highly recommend this book as it has a bit of everything, humor, suspense, and some sizzling hot sexy times.

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