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A Kiss at Midnight
When Beauty Tamed the Beast
The Duke is Mine
Storming the Castle
Winning the Wallflower

ISBN #9780062074058
December 2010
94 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Phillipa Damson is beautiful and intelligent; far too intelligent for the dolt she is to marry. She has an interest in medicine, especially in regards to babies. If she were not a woman, she would have liked to study medicine, like her favorite uncle.

Jonas Berwick is the illegitimate son of a European Grand Duke. He was raised and educated with his legitimate siblings and now serves as his brother Gabriel’s majordomo. Despite his self appointed position, he is treated like the family member he is by all in the Prince’s household.

Phillipa’s life has been planned for her since she was seven. That is when the local baron’s son decided that he was in love with her and wanted to marry her. Since it was an easy solution for both sets of parents, she was not consulted in the matter. As the day draws near, her future seems more and more bleak, particularly after an incident in the stables. Hearing of the plight of the first child of Prince Gabriel, who lives nearby, she sees a solution to her problem. She runs away to become the nursemaid of the sickly child. The denizens of the castle are anything but ordinary; particularly the handsome majordomo, known as Wick, who is treated more like a brother than a servant.

This story picks up where the previous one ended. If you are like me, you immediately wanted to know more about Wick. He had a tendency to steal each scene he was in A Kiss at Midnight, and definitely deserved a story of his own. Aunt Sophonisba was right when she said that he was the best of her nephews, but his honorable intentions are sorely tested by Phillipa. Ms. James always creates the most interesting heroines. They are never just society misses, and Phillipa is no exception. It is a shame that she could not become a pediatrician, but her common sense wins over the entire household and saves one little boy. She definitely deserves a happy ending and Ms. James provides that with a flourish.

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