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ISBN: 978-1-4543-0020-5
January 2011
Red Rose Publishing
311 Pages
Mainstream Romance Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

Ty is raising his kids after his “needs to find herself” ex-wife leaves them. His teenage daughter has become rebellious. This policeman must then deal with one of the men who had been involved with his wife, his former partner. In addition, there are the ghosts who need his help, or is he just going round the bend.

Elyse works with Ty and would like to take it further. She is wary because of the dangers of dating at work and of how complicated his life is. To make it worse, a major storm is about to hit their area.

Protecting his kids, solving a crime, and moving on with his life are keeping Ty occupied, but can Elyse help him or save him, and is he getting information from the other side?

Stormtide to a Homicide is a good who-done-it with lots of chills and thrills, but more exciting as a suspense than a romance. Ty is compelling and complex, while being empathetic. The relationship between Ty and Elyse could be an excellent sequel. The villain is rotten and produces some very tense scenes that had me ripping through the pages. The subplots were busy, but not too hard to follow. I enjoyed how the ghost impacted his life and wound up helping. The few sex scenes were good, but felt a bit gratuitous. Dialogues were wonderfully Australian without being a caricature. I am hoping for a sequel.

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