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ISBN#: Unavailable
November 2011
Phyllis Scott Publishing
192 Pages
science/fiction, Adventure
Rating: 5 Cups

Naomi is a young woman when a series of cataclysmic events occurs. Millions, then billions perish as the Earth’s fundament spasms and contorts in the agony of its final years. Safe, for the time being, on the family ranch, Naomi and her two brothers struggle to make do.

With dwindling resources, and the need for protection from marauders, Naomi invites the remaining family and close friends to join them on the ranch. Every day brings new challenges as turbulent forces continue to wreck havoc on the battered planet.

When a young man named Michael Anderson miraculously rescues some school children, he is instructed to take them to Naomi’s ranch. As the few survivors face increasing pressure from the dying planet, the veneer of civilization is stripped away. While some will become stronger when tested by adversity, others will sink to despicable levels.

Linell Jeppson has written an exciting and remarkable story. It is one that once I picked up and began reading, I could not put down or get out of my head. The action never lets up, and the imagination of this author seems to know no bounds yet is logical and makes sense within the context of the novel. The story is conveyed in an unusual manner, told from several different perspectives in a highly unique framework that is almost as captivating as the story itself. It is immense in scope, playing out against a huge world canvas, but focuses with true elegance on a few chosen survivors. I loved the story for the adventure of it, but also for the way it provoked me into re-examining some of my own closely held beliefs. I loved it and recommend it most fervently.

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