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ISBN: 9781936110476
December 2009
Sugar and Spice Press
209 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Laura Thatcher works for the New York Police Department. She is being temporarily transferred to another precinct to help uncover a child slavery ring.

Detective Caleb McKinney loved Laura and dreamed of marriage and happily ever after. Now though he just wants to forget she ever existed.

Seeing Caleb and having to work with him is tearing Laura up inside. She still loves him but he will never forgive her for leaving him like she did ten years ago. But as days go by and the case continues to spiral out of control, Caleb and Laura begin to comprehend that their feelings for each other are still strong. When a sting operation goes wrong Caleb realizes he may never get the chance to tell Laura how he really feels and she may not be able to tell him the secret she has carried around for all these years.

From the first page Ms. Jamie held me within her grasp with her action packed novel and intense emotional storyline. The aching loneliness, sadness, abuse, neglect, and love that poured from the pages of the novel was so poignant that it leaves you with a feeling of closeness to the characters. Strawberry Wine may have emotional undertones, yet both Laura and Caleb are strong characters that make you love them even more. They both have such emotional barriers they had to overcome that one cannot help but be in awe of their determination to conquer their pasts. This is one superbly written book, one that I am very happy to have read!

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