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ISBN #: 9781509205837
24 February 2016
The Wild Rose Press
276 pages
Contemporary, Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Abby Cox, a librarian, swore off men after the strange death of her boyfriend, till one fateful night. That night she lives through near-death misses, one of them involving a tornado, and is rescued by a man with stunning blue eyes. The man turns out to be named Nick, and along with an electric touch that sparks cravings, she has long held dormant, he has strange news to tell her. He is not human and neither is she.

Nick, a storm thief, had his life forever changed the night he came upon Abby and rescued her. Noticing she is a storm sorcerer, he offers to help her with her powers. The electric touch they felt at first contact is a sign they are Polar Mates, fated to be the balance of each other. It explains the intense desire they start to feel, but an interrupted kiss and Nick misconstruing the reason why causes them both anguish when he leaves.

Being a storm sorcerer explains Abby’s ability to alter the weather and the reasoning behind her tracery of scars. Since her emotions are linked to the weather, her heartbreak translates into a steady rain, which gains the notice of the god of the Underworld, who wants her dead. She is forced to become a quick study, using what Nick taught her to harness her powers to fight for her life and ultimately to fight for his heart and her chance at love.

The world and mythology the author created was refreshingly imaginative, but at times I felt that I might be missing something. Word usage to describe characters and actions were highly expressive, but bordered on being too much at times. Abby easily accepted being introduced to the paranormal world, but her reactions for other events had either too much emotion or not enough. Despite this I relished reading this book and would suggest it to someone looking for a quick and easy read that offers something different from other paranormal offerings.

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