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A Blackpool Mystery Series
Book 1: Stolen
Book 2: Vanished
Book 3: Submerged
Book 4: Unearthed

A Blackpool Mystery, Book 3
ISBN# 9780373837533
February 1, 2011
248 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Unsolved puzzles, unanswered questions, and unfinished business all conspire to drive Molly Graham a little mad. The sleuthing she has done around Blackpool is the direct result of her need to find solutions, but sometimes the outcome only makes matters worse.

As a video game designer, Michael Graham is always looking for new inspiration. He is about to get that in spades with a hunt for treasure, a sunken ship, and a friend who is more of a mystery every day.

A vigorous hike along Blackpool’s coastline does not prove as relaxing as Molly had hoped, and finding a body is just the beginning of a very bad week. The grant she obtained for the town has caused an uproar, and she is pulled right into the heart of the turmoil. Michael would love to help Molly in her hunt for a killer, but he has his own problems to deal with, and a good friend whom he is realizing he knows very little about. Molly and Michael work their separate causes, but when it all comes to a head, they are there for each other every step of the way.

Molly and Michael are fun, spirited, and very tenacious when it comes to getting the answers they need, but I find with this story there may be too many irons in the fire. A killing, a kidnapping, missing money, and a missing friend just to name a few have me wondering where the focus really lies. I do, however, like the pace of the plot, as it moves quickly and intelligently from one occurrence to the next. I really like how the Grahams' are so supportive of each other and would love to see them work side by side to solve their next mystery.

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