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ISBN# 978-1-43924-622-1
June 2009
Romance Unbound Publishing
103 Pages
m/m/m BDSM menage a trois
Rating: 5 cups

Maestro is a Dom, and has wanted Ethan for years, ever since high school in fact. He has been watching Ethan at the local BDSM clubs and wanting to be in the other Dom’s shoes.

Ethan and Cam are lovers, and are in love. They are both submissives.

When Cam comes up with the solution that the best way both he and Ethan can stay a couple but still get their need to be dominated taken care of is by spending the occasional night at separate BDSM clubs participating in a scene, they have no idea of the can of worms they have opened. Enter Maestro, a total Dom who has had a thing for Ethan since high school, and who has just discovered that the man of his dreams is a Sub, one he wants very badly. Hiding who he is from Ethan, Maestro contacts him, and sets up a scene at a local club, but neither of them realize how deeply their emotions are going to get entangled, nor how attracted they are going to be to each other. Ethan finds himself breaking the rules he and Cam originally set down and actually meeting Maestro outside of a club. Despite this, after he admits his mistake to Cam, they try to scene with Maestro together which actually seems to work pretty well, that is until Ethan has to go out of town on a business trip and Cam and Maestro go to BDSM party together. Jealousies flare nearly out of control at that point. Will these three be able to form a lasting loving bond, or will the addition of Maestro destroy what Ethan and Cam have together?

I’ve had the pleasure of reading several of Ms. Thompson’s books, most of which I have enjoyed, however, she has outdone herself with Submission Times Two! I read the book in one sitting and simply found myself glued to my e-book reader just so I could find out the outcome of this unconventional relationship. The sex scenes in this story are hot enough to singe eyebrows, but they are also emotional and as the reader you get immediately that deep emotions are engaged even while BDSM play is going on. The scenes are not the cookie cutter scenes that you see in some erotic romances, this is real BDSM play, and I liked that because it was real. The conclusion is stunning, and beautiful, and made me very glad that I got to review this newest edition to Ms. Thompson’s book list. If you enjoy reading m/m romance, or BDSDM love stories, this is one you do not want to miss!

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