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Sailor’s Knot Series

Book 1: Sailor’s Knot Series
Book 2: Sub Rosa

Sailor’s Knot Series, Book 2
ISBN# 9781622419333
20 November 2012
Siren Publishing
81 Pages
Erotic Contemporary Alternative M/M Navy Sailors Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

A mysterious letter gives David Williams the perfect avenue to lead his husband on a merry chase.

When love strikes Hunter Masters, it pierces straight through to his soul, and there is nothing he would not do for David.

The thought of Hunter ever cheating on him, especially with a woman, is so ridiculous it is laughable. Still, it does give David a great reason to rib his husband for a change. They both decide the letter is worth investigating, agreeing that the mysterious Megan needs to be found. What they have found in each other is the love of a lifetime, and the thought of someone being denied that out of prejudice makes their blood boil.

The love between Hunter and David is a thing of beauty, full of mischief. Their little hunting expedition to find Megan may get them out of the house for a short time, but in no way does it hamper their desire. It is so much fun watching them bicker and argue like any old married couple, then make up with blistering passion. They are a blast, and I am certainly looking forward to more of their escapades.

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