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ISBN-10: 0692024166 /13: 978-0692024164
November 2013
TouchPoint Press
Ebook/ Print
268 Pages
Fiction, Contemporary, Romantic Mystery, Paranormal
Rating: 5 cups

Doc finds himself in a bit more than a heap of trouble while headed home one night. He injures an angel who is there on a mission to prevent a murder. He reluctantly agrees to help, not realizing just how this will change his life.

Farren has no idea that her whole world is about to change with both good and bad headed her way. She is hoping the few questions she has lingering in the back of her mind about her husband is just because she misses him being around.

Facing the past is never easy for Doc, but as he is helping out, he must face his past as well as his present conditions in life. Doc soon finds a friendship with Farren is in the cards, but also knows her life is in danger. Can he do as the angel asks and prevent any danger to her, or will the danger be the end of them all?

What a fun, entertaining read. Quirky feel good with a touch of mystery. A melting pot of every genre is what Substitute Angel reads between the pages. I loved it, loved the different characters, the layers, the hominess, the looking at your life in a whole different perspective. I am so on pins and needles awaiting the release of what I read might be a sequel to Substitute Angel! So Awesome!

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