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ISBN# (10)0758231997 /(13)978-0758231994
June 2009
Kensington Publishing Corp.
850 Third Avenue, New York, New York, NY 10022
352 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Georgina Kincaid knew she should have never slept with her therapist, but after boyfriend, Seth, chose to go with her friend, Maddie, things were off between them. When her boss learns she is too isolated, he sends her on a mission.

Jerome is the archdemon of Seattle and Georgina’s boss. He is tired of her isolating herself because of Seth and there is only one thing left to do to get her out of the slump.

Georgina is stunned that her boyfriend and bestseller, Seth, leaves her for her friend, Maddie. She does not take the split well. He was a human, she an incubus, yet she loved him, still loved him. Jerome plans on sending her away. Georgina is hurt that Jerome wants to outsource her; that is a huge insult to an incubus. To bad, she needs something to occupy her time, and he needs someone to keep a watchful eye on Cedric. A trip to Canada to infiltrate Cedric’s little devil-worshipping cult will be just the charm. Georgina is none to happy about going to Canada but once she arrives, she has more to worry about when Jerome is abducted and her thoughts are centered on Seth.

Richelle Mead pens a story that excels and moves at a great pace where this reader was completely caught up in the energy of the storyline. My heart went out to Georgina and her relationship with Seth. What is that man thinking? Not to mention Maddie. Succubus Heat shows me that even though Georgina is not human, she has all the traits of a human, with a heart that breaks. Seth should have known this would crush her. The dynamite action woven into the story is great, and as always, all the secondary friends, and characters bring on a good read that is hard to put down.

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