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O'Niel Brothers

Book #1: Sleighbells In the Snow
Book #2: Suddenly Last Summer
Book #3: Maybe This Christmas

O'Niel Brothers, Book 2
ISBN# 9781460334584 / 9780373778867
July 2014
Harlequin HQN
E-Book / Mass Market Paperback
$7.99/ $ 7.99
270 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Surgeon, Sean O’Neil, wants nothing to do with the family business in Vermont. His love, passion, and first priority all begin with his job. So when he hears his grandfather has collapsed, the man they all consider invincible, Sean's world comes crashing down as he runs to be with the family, even if he will not be welcome.

Élise Philippe, a fiery-tempered chef, is in a panic. Her beloved café’s opening will get delayed, she hates to disappoint her savior and boss, and her adoptive grandfather is in the hospital. Everything seems to be going wrong when, placing a cherry on top, Sean comes back, igniting last summer’s electrifying feelings.

Both are completely focused on their careers and absolutely do not want a relationship, but while Sean does not mind sleeping with the same woman occasionally, Élise has a strict one night rule. Working in close quarters, their attraction cannot be denied, but will Élise give in to her rule just this once? And what happens when love comes into play for these two career-oriented people with commitment issues?

This is a sizzling read with some vibrant characters. Élise is too single-minded and goal focused to like in the beginning, but as you get to know her, you will begin to like her outbursts and passion. Sean is a strong character. I felt for his hang-ups about family business, though it felt as if they were stretched out too far at times. Same goes for Élise’s distrust of Sean. On the other hand, I love how they both helped each other get over their hang-ups, even though they are too stubborn for their own good. I enjoyed how the secondary characters connected with each other and their meddling ways. There are funny moments and deep emotional moments where the character finally comes into his/her own and recognizes where they are wrong, and of course, there is sizzling chemistry and passion. The ending was sweet and heart-warming with the whole family finally get-together. I cannot wait to read about their last brother in the next book and catch up with the old characters.

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