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ISBN# 9781573447904
June 2012
Cleis Press
Trade Paperback
208 Pages
Erotica Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups


Something about hotels makes Mia feel a bit like an exhibitionist, or maybe she wishes to be one.

His wife’s lack of sense of direction and quirky comments make Tom smile every time.

The thought of being seen or heard is making Mia very eager to get to the room. Tom may not share his wife’s feelings, but it does not stop him from making this one to remember.

Anonymity is a fun and thrilling adventure for Mia, so it is great to see her husband make the most of her joy.


Getting a room in the middle of the afternoon is something Isabel O’Shea is doing just for her.

The proposition comes as a shock, but not so much of one that Alexander Talbot will refuse.

Isabel is nervous and excited in equal measure. This is one afternoon she will never forget, and could be the beginning of a something she may want to continue.

No guts no glory, and in this story Isabel proves to be one really gutsy lady.

Air-Conditioning. Color TV. Live Mermaids

Ever since being a little girl, Lila knows she will become a mermaid one day.

From his childhood on, Daniel has held a special place in his heart for Lila.

Daniel can barely believe his eyes, yet it can be no one else. She is right where she has said she would always be, and he is more than thrilled to be here with her.

A childhood dream continues to flourish, only the results are definitely adult.

Proof Of Desire

She has talked him through this many times, yet seeing him is a first for Emma.

Sean never could have imagined how difficult this would be.

Emma agrees to this meeting as much for herself as for Sean. Her rules however are set in stone, no matter how desperately they wish otherwise.

One would think, without touch, lovemaking may feel lacking, yet this story drives home. Incredible how easily one’s other senses take over and how wonderful the experience can be.


Hotel rooms can be the hardest places to sleep, as Sam is quickly coming to realize.

The room next door is having a very good time indeed.

The longer Sam lies in his bed, the harder it is to ignore. So maybe it is just easier to join in.

I am pretty sure if readers have stayed in any hotel for a period of time, they will easily relate to Sam’s dilemma and most probably, to his solution.

An Inspector Comes

A murder mystery weekend is really not Lisa’s idea of a great time, until she dons her costume.

As the inspector in this game, he has the authority and opportunity to question anyone anywhere he wishes.

Slipping into her character Coco Devine, Lisa is more excited than she thinks possible, especially when it is her turn to be scrutinized by Inspector Winchester.

This story goes to show how intriguing it is to play dress up, particularly as an adult.

Surrender With A Twist

Of all the places Anna ends up, why does it have to be here and now?

He does not think he will see her in this hotel, but Tyler St. Cloud is not about to let the opportunity pass him by.

Maybe subliminally, Anna knows Tyler will be there, which is why she chooses this place. Ty is aware that his mistake has lost him his wife. Now he may have the chance to make up for his stupidity.

Love does not dissolve because of signatures on a piece of paper. Ty and Anna are a perfect example of it.

Unbound At The Holiday Inn

With a great life, husband, children and home, Angie is aware that something is missing.

His wonderful sexy wife needs something different, and Mark will do whatever it takes to accommodate her desires.

On the inside, Angie is not always the quiet unassuming woman most people believe. She hopes however that Mark is not too put off by what she has planned.

Angie shows how important the need is to shed everyday lives once in a while, most especially to keep relationships alive and flourishing.

Travelodge Tess

There is one at every stop, and Tess has found him already.

He sees her almost immediately. What he does not know is that he has already been targeted.

Tess sets the hook and reels him in. Only this time she may have hooked more than she is ready for.

It is just like life to throw a kink into Tess’s well thought out plans.

Business Expenses

His last names mean Javier must prove himself every day.

The bungalow is the perfect little retreat for Margo and Tonya.

This is the kind of thing that can get Javier fired, but he is helpless to resist. They are so unbelievably hot he cannot walk away.

Surprises like these are what fantasies are made of.

Return To The Nonchalant Inn

It has been years since Jillian has been here, though in some ways it feels like yesterday.

The years only make Gerald love her more.

Jillian has done things over the years that would have destroyed many ordinary relationships. What she and Gerald have, however, is thankfully not ordinary.

What works for Jillian and Gerald may not fly with many couples, but it is fantastic how open they are with their love for each other.

The Deacon

Since Leila is well known in her field, missing a blind spot is hard to take.

When Mark Deacon brings Leila on the team, he knows he is picking the best.

Knowing the error occurred before she became head of security does not make Leila feel better. Still, with Deacon around, she is having trouble thinking of her job at all. In Leila, Deacon knows he has found exactly what he needs.

Everything about this story makes me want more. The characters are intelligent, sexy and set within a plot that has a multitude of avenues it could pursue.

Love, Loud As A Bomb

Many would scoff, but Carl knows just how eerie her accuracy is.

This dream is one Anya must make Carl believe in.

As Carl makes his way inland, he has one thought in mind—Anya is waiting for him, and she has a plan for the upcoming event that he does not want to miss.

The power of Mother Nature makes a most amazing backdrop for Anya and Carl’s story.

Night School

The night shift works out just fine for Nina, mainly the nights that she gets to see him.

Being a personal escort is not all about great dates and parties for Dalton.

It is amazing to Nina to think that Dalton needs her advice. She is more than willing to help coach him in any way she can.

It is always fun to see how people react when the tables are turned, and here it is even more so.

Feel So Dirty

When she accepts the invitation, it never occurs to her the weather would be so sweltering.

With the oncoming storm, Jon extends an invitation to join him on the porch.

Jon and Amber are really two of her best friends, yet it feels odd to be left here alone with just Jon. Heat does crazy things to the libido, but cheating on Amber is not in question.

Stormy heat is a great way to set off this very sensual night.

Please Come Again

Nights are so quiet at the Misty Blue, so Simone has most of the place all to herself.

All people see when they look at him is a homeless man, but Randall knows Simone sees more.

She does what she can for Randall, except on this night they are both surprised.

People are so much more than what we see on the surface, and everyone needs to feel wanted.

Dirty White Envelope

Telling her husband that she wants to be treated dirty is harder than Bridget imagined.

Ron takes the news and runs with it.

Bridget gives Ron a few suggestions on what she is looking for, so he knows exactly how he plans to proceed. In doing so, he gives Bridget a night even better than she hopes for.

What makes this story so great is how perfectly in tune Ron and Bridget are.

Tailgating At The Cedar Inn

Losing her job and then ditching her boyfriend has Kelsey in quite a funk.

After a long hot day on the job, Chris and Owen are chilling out and catching the game.

Kelsey only wants a quiet night to sleep and regain her bearings, before getting back on the road. This night, however, is going to be anything but.

A hot night, a couple of hot guys and a cooler of beers—what more could a girl hope for in the middle of nowhere?

Stiletto’s Big Score

Even if her acting career has ended decades ago, Miki Jamison accepts the job.

Lockhart Williams takes on the role of King Johnson, just to get to work with the famous Stiletto.

Miki is very much looking forward to working with Lockhart. His presence on screen, however, pales in comparison to the real deal.

These two are ageless and greatly entertaining.

Special Request

The hotel concierge makes it all happen for the guests, and Francine is one of the best.

Claudine has a something very spectacular in mind, if it all works as planned.

Never before has anyone asked so much of Francine. Still, she will do everything she can to make it happen as always. She will however be quite stunned by the results.

A job is not just a job when one puts one’s heart and soul into it, and Francine definitely gives it her all.

Hotels are not just places to lay one’s head, as readers will see within these pages. Every room tells a story, and every character has something unique to share. I particularly like The Deacon, whose characters and storyline are both sexy and smart. There are so many great authors here, I can guarantee readers will find this as wickedly fun as I have.

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