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ISBN-13: 978-1-7582-2919-9
Kensington Publishing Corporation
Trade Paperback
336 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Being labeled a freak is rough on any kid, and Andes Lane has been trying to live it down her whole life. Growing up in the devoutly religious community of Starling, West Virginia, Andes spends her youth with worshippers speaking in tongues and handling serpents when the spirit moves on them.

Chase lives with his father Jay on a sailboat in Seattle, Washington, which would seem like a life of fun and adventure for a ten year-old boy. However, when his father is drunk more often than not, being precocious and stirring up trouble is way more entertaining.

Andes would love nothing more than to belong, to have a place to call her own, and friends she can talk to. She left her home at fifteen, swearing never to return, and even changed her name. She is no longer Emily Tomlin, snake girl. Coming to Seattle felt right, but her first day on the docks is a whirlwind of chaos in the extreme. She has suddenly found herself the guardian of an amazingly intelligent (if not a bit scary) little boy, who has the uncanny ability to bare her sole, and traipsing clear across the county with him to find his "maybe dad."

Andes feels like a survivor of a sinking ship, knowing she can never go back, but unable to comprehend how to move forward. Her past is always there just waiting to swallow her whole. If it were not for an obnoxious ten year-old, I imagine she would probably still be floundering. Chase, despite being rude and terribly undisciplined, is more of an adult at times than Andes, and if anyone needs therapy, I believe it is her. There is so much heart and soul in both of these characters, it is a pleasure to read their story and immerse yourself in their lives.

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