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ISBN# 978-1-60435-333-4
May 2009
Red Rose Publishing
449 Pages
Mainstream Fiction: Science Fiction/Futuristic, Interracial/Multicultural, Paranormal, Action/Adventure
Rating: 5 cups

Donatello Sunrise is a private investigator living on the seamier side of life. Once a cop, a husband and father, he has lost most of what he considered valuable in his life. Blamed for the death of his partner, and his wife and child killed in a car bomb meant for him, he is just trying to make it day by day.

Lola is a hooker and probably Sunrise’s best friend. She helps him out by being a true friend and being there when he needs her.

When young girls begin disappearing without a trace, a local mob boss’s daughter also disappears, and since Sunrise owes him some money, he decides to put the crunch on him and force him to find his daughter. Sunrise agrees, but only if his debt to the mob boss is cancelled in full. As he begins looking for clues as to what might have happened to the women, none of those clues add up, and Sunrise begins to fear he will not find the mobster’s daughter in time to keep the man’s henchmen from killing him in retaliation. However, when an unlikely pattern appears, Sunrise listens to his gut and takes a boat out on the water, only to discover that truth is sometimes stranger than fiction could ever be. He locates the kidnappers, and is able to retrieve all the missing young women. Then with Lola’s help he is able to get them all the medical attention they need. There’s only one problem, the mobster does not believe that he had nothing to do with it, and neither do the cops. So with cops, and the mobster and his goons after him, he and Lola have to stay below the radar. The question is, how long are they going to be able to do it, and stay alive?

This has to be the most entertaining book I’ve read this month; I absolutely loved it! I began to get an inkling that the story was set in the future because of some of the scifi type gadgets Sunrise had, but I never imagined until I got about a quarter of a way into the story that it would also end up being one heck of a scifi adventure as well. Private eye type stories are usually not my thing at all, but this book could fit into a number of different genres very well, and I think the cross genre elements are what really make the story work. I loved how Sunrise respects Lola in spite of the fact that she is a hooker, which you do not often see in fiction, usually the hooker is the bad girl, but in this story she is one of the heroes. I really liked that. The world building is extraordinary and really pulls the story together. I know this is one book I’ll be reading over and over. I cannot say enough good things about this book, and I encourage everyone to go out and get a copy today, it is well worth the money spent!

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