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March 2016
D.C. Triana
293 Pages
Adult Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Will thought he had his life figured out and knew what he wanted to do, but his mother died, leaving him in charge of her publishing company before he even graduated from college. He knew he could not just leave college and take over the business, as doing that would cause his mother’s dream to fail. So instead he left his mother’s trusted colleague in charge of the company and went into the real world to gain the experience he needed to turn the publishing house around.

Christina is one of the most successful authors at Sunset Reads and was also one of Will’s mother’s best friends. She was completely heart broken and devastated when Isa died, even now, years later she only spends as little time as necessary in the building where she once spent every single day.

A surprise visitor from Will’s past reveals that the company is not entirely his as he once thought. Instead he is forced to share the responsibility with the woman who has tested his very existence since the moment they met. Despite the turmoil between Will and Christina, the attraction between them cannot be denied. They struggle with balancing managing the new business, the man from Will’s past who wants to bring them both harm, and their new found attraction towards one another.

I loved the comedy in this book; the arguments between Will and Christina were hilarious! This book was filled with romance, steamy sex scenes and suspense all while a new couple try to navigate their new feelings for one another. The characters were well developed including those that played more minor roles; I absolutely loved Adele’s character and her motherly instincts towards both Will and Christina. Looking forward to the second book in this series!

Reviewed by Heather
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