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The Justice Fraternity Chronicles, Book 1
AISN# 9781937325640
May 2013
Beachwalk Press, Inc
45 Pages
Fantasy Superhero Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Dinah-Go is a superhero with the power of super-speed, who blames herself for a tragedy that is not her fault. She leaves the Justice Fraternity, and chooses to channel her desire to help people through social work instead. Two years later her, old lover and partner, the Man of Wonder, asks her to come back. He needs her help against a new threat. She agrees to help, but does he come for her or just for her power?

Miles, the Man of Wonder, is founder and leader of the Justice Fraternity. He misses Dinah, still loves her and has decided she has been gone long enough. Miles also believes her super-speed would be a big help in defeating the gargoyles and saving their city. He needs her help and her being back with him. This time around, he is determined things will be different between them.

Not much is known about gargoyles, and Miles hires a group of sisters, using the opportunity to scope out their weaknesses. Dinah is out of practice, but still has her super-speed and wants to help. She worries if she can, and if she still belongs with Miles and the Justice Fraternity. Can Miles convince Dinah that she still has a place on the team and a place in his heart? First, the gargoyles have to be dealt with…

This is a thrilling and fun short read, which is packed with action and romance. I love the characters of Dinah and Miles and the all too human relationship problems they had to deal with. The fast pace of the story, the action scenes, suspense and the secondary characters are all great. I recommend this story to anyone who loves superhero’s stories and wants a quick, romantic, fun and exciting read.

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