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ISBN: 10: 097331463 13: 9780973314625
September 2012
Shadow Press
276 pages
Time Travel Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Lily Stewart, a receptionist at a Cryogenics Lab, moves to the city for a new start in life. She expects the same normal and boring day and not to witness her new boss going crazy and attacking someone. Being abducted and waking up 850 years in the future was not part of that day either. Now she will have to deal with finding her place with this new time and the straight-laced Captain in charge.

Rian Marska is the captain of a dilapidated star ship crewed with slackers and trouble makers. His ship is chosen to haul old museum exhibits on a long and boring run. He was not expecting one of those exhibits to come alive and claim to be from the year 2017; after all, that is not possible, right? This new exhibit, Lily, stirs up feelings he long since buried and has him questioning his career goals.

The truth about Lily’s story is put to the test, which leads to wondering what happened to her, along with why. The Nym, a blood-thirsty race, are found to be behind Lily’s predicament. Their reasoning, however, is not clear and may have sinister consequences. Someone is leaking information out about Lily and Rian’s superiors will not believe what he tries to warn them about. He begins to feel that Lily may be more important to him than his captaincy.

This was a great story for everyone, not just sci-fi fans. The sci-fi elements were skillfully woven in to the story, making it so anyone could get into it and understand the technology and terms. The world Ms. Marting manufactured is fascinating and the characters intriguing, both tempting a person to want to keep reading and want more. I enjoyed reading this book and would definitely read other stories set in this world.

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