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ISBN #9781615725588
December 2011
Eternal Press
186 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Summer Althea is a young woman who has led a very sheltered life since the death of her parents. Her police chief uncle is very overprotective, but loving. She longs to experience a little more of life. She also has a gift of healing that she keeps secret.

Slade Stryker is a detective for the local police department, and a dragon. He is part air dragon and part fire dragon and is charged with guarding his community as well as working his day job.

Someone is killing dragons in Slade’s town. As protector of both the town and his clan, he is very concerned and determined to find the brutal killer. He is fascinated by his boss’s ward, Summer, and does not know why. Someone is also stalking her and Slade is asked to protect her, soon finding out that she is of a previously thought to be extinct race of healing witches. The sudden illness of the clan’s alpha and his son necessitates Summer’s help.

Summer and Stryker’s story is compelling and exciting. Summer is terrified of dragons since they killed her entire family, but the dragon clan needs her desperately to save their leader. There is an unexpected ally, an even more unexpected villain, and some extremely exciting fight scenes. The author has given the reader a complete dragon culture which is very interesting and a back-story with lots of drama. When you add the scorching hot love story, it all adds up to a story the reader will not be able to put down.

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