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The Weathermen Series
Book 1: An Appetite for Blackmail
Book 2: Obsession by Design
Book 3: The Price of Secrecy
Book 4: Exclusive Access
Book 5: A Slow-Burning Dance
Book 6: Taking Passion by Storm
Book 7: A Covert Conquest
Book 8: Surrendering to Chance

The Weathermen, Book 8
ISBN: 978-1-77233-733-4
February 16, 2016
Evernight Publishing
115 Pages
Futuristic, BDSM, Erotic, May/December
Rating: 3 Cups

Working for Jensen Software is a double-edged sword for Valerie Garfield. Loving her job is not the problem, loving her boss is.

All of the money and power in the world are meaningless if Grayson Jensen cannot convince the woman he loves to give him another chance.

A year ago Valerie’s heart was crushed by Grayson’s words, yet she still loves him. Having him apologize, and want to try again, is almost too good to be true, but they both know life is too short for regrets. If they cannot reverse the cataclysmic events on Earth’s surface, they may not be alive long enough to even worry about a future together.

The setting for this story is incredibly original, with entire cities replicated underground. It is hard to concentrate on Valerie and Grayson’s love affair when the world around them is so close to its end. I really like the danger and intrigue surrounding Valerie and Grayson, and would love to see it be more of a focal point. It makes you want to keep reading to find out how it all ends.

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