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ISBN: Unavailable
Feb 2010
Self Published
276 Pages
Adventure Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

When she was just a young child, the world suffered a devastating economic collapse from which there was no recovery. There are a few rugged individuals that stay alive by slinking through the land quietly – like ghosts. Selena Cartwright has survived this way, alone, for four years, ever since her father was killed.

Chaos and anarchy reigns, but there are still small groups of people who survive by banding together, sharing resources and trying to make better lives for themselves. After his father died when he was fourteen, Dan joined a small, isolated community and has been with them for many years.

While foraging for supplies, Dan rescues Selena from marauders who wish to capture the petite beauty. He restrains the wayward hellcat and brings her back with him to his camp. She is incensed by his domineering treatment. However, when they arrive back at the camp, Selena finds friendship as well as a purpose that previously was missing from her life. Unfortunately, another man, Clint, makes unwelcome advances and Selena rejects him, little realizing that she is just a pawn in another deadlier scheme.

An outstanding dystopian debut novel by an independently published author, this book is a thrilling and believable journey into a possible near future. The story is fast-paced, and I like that certain characters remain mysterious enigmas throughout most of the book while others are more open with plainer motivations. I especially like Selena’s spirit and fortitude; she may not always make the best decisions, but she always stays true to her personal code. Dan displays heroic restraint when it comes to Selena, but in battle, he strikes fiercely and with a vengeance that is fearsome. Dan is the epitome of a selfless and formidable champion. Suitable for older teens and adults, this book leaves me eager for a sequel.

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