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ISBN: 978-037369889919
January 19, 2016 (paperback) February 1, 2016 (electronic)
Harlequin Intrigue
219 Pages
Romantic suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Josh Sedovich is a CIA operative that has been tracking a young woman who is in some serious danger. He finally catches up to her in Malaysia. She has no clue who he is and he must get her to trust him in order to keep her alive. What was not part of the plan was just how strong his feelings became, wanting more than just keeping her safe.

Erin Argon has been on the run from a criminal gang who wants her dead. She thought she could finally let down her guard and lead a semi-normal life teaching, but that did not happen. She finds herself back on the run and unsure of a stranger that says she can trust him; that he is there to help her stay alive.

With some powerful men wanting Erin dead, and possibly someone inside the CIA setting them up for even more danger, puts this couple scared and on the run not sure of anything but hopefully each other. Can Josh keep them both alive in order for them to maybe have a shot at a normal life?

Suspect Witness is a hang onto your seat read full of excitement and danger. Josh and Erin prove that even though life is hard, at times you can find a silver lining amongst the ashes and rubble. The lands that are described definitely make you feel as if your are traipsing around the globe with Josh and Erin.

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