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ISBN: 978-0-7582-3873-3
January 2010
Kensington Publishing Corporation
Trade Paperback
320 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Baring It All

No one could be as thoroughly disgusted with her as Michelle Gray is with herself. Her days of being everyone’s doormat need to cease and desist.

Leaving law - and most importantly his father’s firm - was not just an act of rebellion for Ro Kaliph, but a chance to fulfill his dreams and quench his desires.

Inside a BDSM club is the last place Michelle could have ever seen herself, but here she is, and scarily enough it has her heart racing. She wants to learn dominance, and after meeting Ro, she feels he is the perfect man to teach her. Ro finds Michelle exquisite in her responses, but knowing what she wants and what she needs could send her running for good.

What happens when you reach your breaking point? Do you let yourself slip into a nothingness that sucks away your soul, or go for broke like Michelle, who steps out of her comfort zone right into the fiery intensity of pain and pleasure?

Forbidden Heat

The decision to take the vice-presidency is a much tougher choice than Nora Sabine imagined. She wants to experience adventure, not just advertise it, but her promotion will mean more hours, and getting time off will be nearly impossible.

It has been many years since Sylvester Vincent yearned to take part in his games, but with the arrival of his new guests that yearning is becoming unbearable.

The Twisted Wood B and B is not exactly your typical weekend get-away, but Ryan reassures his fiancée Nora that she will get the adventure she craves. Nora takes in the aura of a beautifully appointed house dedicated to the art of BDSM, and every fantasy she has ever had comes to the forefront. The only problem is that Sylvester stars in her ultimate fantasy, and convincing him to partake is not working. Sylvester learned a very hard lesson years ago, and vowed to avoid participating in any extreme play, but with Nora that vow is becoming a curse.

Sometimes our darkest fantasies have a way of manipulating our everyday lives, and Nora learns this lesson all too well. I love how her awakening to the world of BDSM enlightens her to what is truly important and real in her life and in her relationships.

There is nothing like a story that can mix the down and dirty with such caring and thoughtfulness. The characters are all-encompassing with their emotions and their desires, and thoroughly different in their personalities. I did find that Nora takes to the extremes in a way that is startling considering she has never experimented with it before. This is a hard book to put down, so I suggest finding a comfy place to crash for a few hours of unadulterated reading pleasure.

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