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Ophelia Dawson Chronicles

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Book 3: Sweet Bytes

Ophelia Dawson Chronicles, Book 3
ISBN: 9781605923895
January 2012
Noble Romance Publishing
211 Pages
YA Vampire Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Ophelia Dawson has gone through much and has endured extreme pain after losing Adrian, her soul mate. She has loved him more than anything, but others believe he will harm her.

Griffin ‘Adrian’ Blair cares deeply for Ophelia. He has reasons for his actions, one of which is to save her. He can only hope that his measures have not cost him his true love.

Ophelia goes to extreme methods to understand what fate lies in store for her. With the help of some good friends, also associates, she hopes to come out winning. Her sister wants to be of help, along with her good friend Tristan, her new Old Blood Protector. She learns that being an empath is not easy, especially when it comes to expressing emotion. Her heart loves Adrian deeply, even though her Protector believes she should stay away from him. Adrian is a great warrior. With a growing confidence, he will be able to do anything for Ophelia. She must be protected from the New Blood, who want her blood desperately because she is a diabetic. Adrian has to pull all the stops to show her that he is there for her in any situation.

Sweet Bytes is a wonderful story, written with great style. I like Ophelia because she is a strong-minded force who likes to stand her ground. She does have a dilemma with the many loves in her life. Adrian and Tristan show emotions that indeed stand out. Ms. An uses strong writing that flows at a good pace and keeps the reader engrossed with each word. She takes robust characters and makes them likeable and driven. I enjoy her grandmother as well as her sister Bianca, both dynamite players. Indeed this is a story that is quite absorbing.

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