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Men in Uniform Series
Book 1- All the Right Moves by Tory Richards
Book 2 - Sweet Danger by Cheryl Pierson
Book 3 - Her Biggest Fan by Sharon Donovan
Book 4 - Raging Pulse by Jennifer Schmidlin
Book 5 - Riley’s Mission by E.A. West
Book 6 - Fallout by Karlene Blakemore-Mowle
Book 7 - Capturing Karma by K.M. Daughter

Men in Uniform Series
ISBN: 1601548265
October 2010
The Wild Rose Press
Print/ eBook
$14.99-Print/ $7.00-eBook
326 Pages
Romantic Suspense; Contemporary
Rating: 5 Cups

Lindy Oliver has seen her sexy neighbor time and again in the hallway of their apartment building. But she has never had the courage to approach him.

Jesse Nightwalker notices Lindy in the deli checking him out. While he has never approached her, the sight of the beautiful woman makes him realize he wants to get to know her.

What starts as a romantic chance meeting in the Silverman’s Deli and Bakery soon becomes a nightmare when chaos ensues. A recently escaped convict with a grudge against Jesse takes hostage all the customers in deli. But his plans and tactics change once he spies Jesse, and his need for revenge begins to outweigh his original plan. If something does not happen before midnight to rescue the hostages, Jesse will find himself tortured and mutilated for the convict’s pleasure.

From the first word to the last, Sweet Danger is a fantastic story of finally finding love only to watch it slip through your fingers when danger strikes. I knew that this was an amazing novel when Cheryl Pierson caught my attention right from the beginning and I could not stop reading, turning page after page until I reached the end hours past my bedtime. The way the villain fluctuated from anger to humanitarian, vicious to nice, take charge and submissive kept me on edge as I waited for him to finally crack under the pressure of his own insanity. The roles of the lesser characters are just as intense and outstanding as I watched Mrs. Montgomery go toe to toe with anyone who stood in her way, and Tommy finally became the man he needed to be. An unbelievably spicy tale, this book will hold you in thrall from the start.

Caution: While it does not go into detail, there is mention of torture as well as a hinting at an incestuous relationship between the villain and his younger sister.

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