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ISBN: 9781440596612
18 January 2016
Crimson Romance
57 Pages
Contemporary, M/M
Rating: 4 Cups

Even though their last words were in anger, Micah Taylor feels like it is only right to visit his father’s grave.

The sense of security and safety Cash Callahan has built for himself is all perfectly fine. Sometimes, though, it feels almost too comfortable.

Fiesta, Florida looks exactly like Micah remembers, even if it will never feel like home. He is glad he came, however, especially now that he is finally getting to know Cash. Cash’s little candy shop, as well as his cottage on the beach, are a reflection of his life; too comfortable and too safe. Micah would love to be part of Cash’s life, but not if it means living a lie in public.

These two young men, who went their separate ways after high-school, are finding out that old crushes still smolder. They may have done nothing to fan those flames years ago, but there is no denying the heat building between them now. It is not easy for Cash to change though, when everything he has worked so hard for could come crashing down. I like that Micah respects this and, in my opinion, this makes their feelings for each other even more special.

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