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Swift Investigation Mysteries
Book 1: Swift Justice
Book 2: Swift Edge

A Swift Investigations Mystery, Book 2
ISBN-13: 9780373268788
January 2014
Worldwide Library
$7.99 US / $8.99 CAN
283 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Her days of peace and quiet at Swift Investigations are now a thing of the past for Charlie Swift. Since her silent partner skipped off with his girlfriend, his wife is now a permanent and not-so-silent fixture in Charlie's life.

The PI business is not at all what Gigi Goldman expected when she came on board at Swift Investigations. With the purchase of a few essential gadgets, as well as her savvy computer searches, she feels like she may be getting the hang of things.

The skating world is outside of Charlie’s expertise, but sifting through facts and lies are what she does best. Figure skater Dmitri Fane goes missing right before Nationals and his partner, Dara Peterson, is desperate to find him. A missing person’s case is rarely cut and dried, so Charlie is not too surprised Dmitri is not just the skating heartthrob everyone thinks he is. What does blow her away are the lengths these kids and their parents will go to make it as world-class skaters.

Charlie Swift may get beaten down, but this is a woman who does not know how to quit. Concussions, hit and runs, and bullet wounds are not enough to stop her from doing her job. Although, it could be the copious amounts of caffeine and sugar coursing through her body that keep her going. In my opinion, opening Charlie up a little on a personal level will go a long way to endearing her to readers.

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