Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 978-1-60394-455-7
September 2010
New Concepts Publishing
112 Pages
Contemporary Erotica
Rating: 4 Cups

For the first time in years Mila Stephens is in a position to take a real honest to God vacation, and she plans on doing just that. Her trip includes a cross country train ride, a few side trips by car, and if she is lucky a man or two to keep her company along the way.

This train ride has all the markings of a real disaster until Giles Hawthorne meets Mila. She is everything he looks for in a woman, sexy, fun, and well past the age of needing or wanting a husband to cater to her every need.

It takes some time before Mila can convince herself that Giles is truly and honestly interested. She has no doubt that she is quite a few years older, but as long as it does not bother him, she will most certainly enjoy the ride. Giles is quite content to have Mila in any and every way possible, but when he learns of her actual age, it hits him much harder that he wants to admit. They have both fallen much too far and too fast to come out unscathed, but how can two people so completely different possibly have a hope of making it work?

A lot can be said for maturity and experience, yet it is hard to imagine a gap like the one between Mila and Giles working. Their story however is one that makes you hope against hope that it does. Mila feels years younger than her chronological age may suggest, and I love women who can ignore the birth date and just live life to the fullest. She deserves a man who can make her sing, and Giles is lucky to have her in his life.

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