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ISBN: unavailable
October 15, 2009
Beautiful Publishing
210 Pages
IR, BBW, Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Falls in Love

Best friends, but more like sisters, Jonica Dominquez and Rachel Gonsalves are at the top of their game, both at work and personally. Wickedly smart, dangerously sexy, and with mouths that just do not quit, they give the men in their lives a run for their money.

It takes a big man to admit when he has met his match, and they do not come any bigger than Dr. Ezekial McAllister. Robert may not command as much physical space as Zeke, but he has no trouble asserting dominance in the bedroom.

Jonica is completely torn up over her mother’s impending surgery and can hardly think of anything else, except maybe the incredibly tall and gorgeous doctor on duty. Zeke has met his woman, and come hell or high water, Jonica will become Mrs. McAllister. While Jonica spends her time at her mother’s bedside, Rachel is hard at work and working hard at trying to claim the attention of her maintenance man. Robert is unaccustomedly tongue-tied around Rachel, but one thing is certain, her days of flirting are seriously over.

These ladies have the three S’s locked down (smart, sassy, and sexy), but you certainly cannot discount the gorgeous guys in their lives. There is also no shortage of bad mouthing and threats of bodily harm, which only intensifies the powerful connection between these smoking hot couples.

Hotter Than the Hates of Elle

There is nothing dainty and demure about Elle Hamilton. All six feet plus and built like a brick …house, Elle commands respect, and on the drilling rig she gets it.

Filthy rich, good looking, and a take-no-prisoners attitude has kept Marius Ermenrich in women since he was a teen, but one woman has knocked him, quite literally, on his rear. This is the woman he is going to marry; he just has to get close enough to get her to agree.

If you asked Elle to describe her first impression of Marius, you would be hard pressed to believe how hot she is for him, but scorching would come close to describing it. He is the most arrogant, rude, and disgustingly gorgeous man she has ever met, and she is aching to have him. Marius can only take so much of Elle’s dismissals until he is ready to burst. Every time his woman breathes, he wants her, and it is time to make his move.

This is one woman who knows her place in the world, and is not afraid to own it, she is woman, hear her roar! I love it, and cannot imagine anyone lesser than Marius being her partner in life. In your face attitude, and the jewels to match, and I am not just describing Marius!

If anyone can awaken your inner diva it is the ladies in these stories. Strong, capable, and more than a little hot, they take command and get everything a girl could want. Zeke melts your heart, Rob makes you want to be a very bad girl, and Marius has power written all over him. This is only book one, and I can just imagine how fantastic future works by these authors will be.

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