Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN# (13) 9781623804275
April 2013
Dreamspinner Press
200 Pages
Contemporary BDSM/Kink
Rating: 4 Cups

In the eyes of his fans, Tanner Star leads the life of a die-hard rocker, and in some respects he probably does. He makes no secret of the fact he is a Dom, yet since the death of his partner, two years before, he only plays with subs, no sex involved.

Ignoring his growing feelings is no longer possible for Reno Rocket, although it does not mean he will not try. The wrath of his father is like a black cloud over his life, always threatening to rein down on him at the slightest provocation. So telling him he is gay is only asking for trouble.

Tanner has no doubt Reno is interested. Though the boy swears up and down he is straight, Tanner is not fooled. Reno wants what Tanner is offering so bad it hurts, yet fear of his father keeps hammering away in his head. Once Tanner realizes how much Reno means to him, it is all bets off, until a ghost from his past strikes a painful blow. Reno may be young, but he is not stupid or weak, and he will not give his life over to a man who is not ready to move on from the past.

Reno’s transition from curious to committed is one full of fears and pitfalls, which makes this story more believable and real. I really like Tanner taking his time introducing the BDSM lifestyle in small increments, even when passions run high and Reno is begging him for more. There is such a glorious heat between these two men it is no wonder they sometimes get burned. Ms. Brown will light you up and keep that slow burn going all the way to the end!

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