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The Midnight Breed Series

Book 1: Kiss of Midnight
Book 2: Kiss of Crimson
Book 3: Midnight Awakening
Book 4: Midnight Rising
Book 5: Veil of Midnight
Book 6: Ashes of Midnight
Book 7: Shades of Midnight
Book 8: Taken by Midnight
Book 9: Deeper than Midnight
Book 10: Darker after Midnight

Lara Adrian's Interview

Book #8 in the Midnight Breed Series
ISBN#: 9780440245278
September 2010
Bantam Dell.
$7.99 US/$8.99 Canada
372 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

The ordeal she has suffered leaves Jenna frail in both body and mind. Jenna never expected to love again after the loss of her husband and daughter four years ago. She exists day to day on a sort of autopilot, until her home is invaded by an ancient, otherworldly being who forces her to make an impossible choice.

Brock, a powerful, stoic Breed Warrior is interested only in performing his job flawlessly. Keeping Jenna safe and alleviating the pain from her injuries is Brock’s responsibility. His assignment definitely does not include falling in love with the frail, stubborn human woman.

When Jenna awakes she finds herself thousands of miles from her home in a secret underground facility. She wants nothing more than to bury the trauma of the attack and return home. Unfortunately, returning home is not an option for Jenna and she is forced to come to terms with her new reality. After a bumpy start, she is surprised to discover new friendships and a renewed purpose in her life. She and Brock come to care for each other as the days pass but both are adamant that any sort of lasting commitment is out of the question. Both continue to be haunted by their past failures.

This stand-alone novel was easy to read and had lots of excitement and several hot, passionate sex scenes. I have not yet read any of the earlier books but had no trouble picking up the general premise of the series. I would certainly be interested in reading the other books. I particularly liked that Jenna was an astute, capable fighter in her own right. I felt a couple of scenes would have benefited from a tighter, more fluid choreography. The author, Ms Adrian, is a remarkable storyteller. She does not overload the narrative with the back story but provides enough of the history to make the character’s motivations convincing. It was an enjoyable read.

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