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ISBN#: 9781603944922
Previously released on May 2006/April 2011
Cerridwen Press, Inc./ New Concepts Publishing
E Book
99 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Brenna Collins finds herself trapped in her office late at night, hiding from a serial killer. Rather than try to lock the door while he’s in the hallway outside stabbing a man she has worked with for many years, or climbing under her desk behind the modesty panel, she chooses to run. He catches her. Brenna rakes his fingers with her car keys as his hand slips from the closing elevator doors. He promises he’ll return for her, he never leaves a witness. Fearing he’ll come after her, she tells the police she didn’t see the killer.

The anti-hero, Kylan Cree, is a slippery, well-motivated devil. Deceptive and menacing, with no boundaries, he threatens Brenna at every juncture. Incredibly handsome Cree has her in his spell, strangely attracted to his soft southern accent and his gentle but threatening touch. He’s very believable, a man of many talents in his pursuit of the frightened Brenna.

When Cree met Brenna escaping down the hallway that fateful evening, he already has 19 murders of twins under his belt. The police refer to him as the Gemini Killer. Brenna runs from all that is familiar, rather than admit she can describe him. One of the policemen looks exactly like him. Are they the same man? She thinks he is. She eludes the police and killer in her dodge ball evasions around the United States. But everywhere she starts over, he is there terrorizing her, threatening her—and loving her.

This gripping thriller has more turns than a chain-link fence. Some of them are obvious. Though the psychological profile of the killer is well-drawn and executed, the heroine’s behaviors are contradictory to good sense. Her back story has been omitted, so she has no reason for acting so illogically. At first, the reader might want to yell: “Look out!” After a while we just wish she’d come out of her denial daze, forget sex and wise up.

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