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ISBN#: 9781419926297/
April 2010
Ellora’s Cave
123 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Lyra is a princess. She loves her parents but she knows they do not understand her. She has close friend who is a dragon. Lyra is not slender nor stick-like but voluptuous. In fact, she sees herself as being fat and has low self esteem.

Krytan is the man Lyra’s parents have promised her hand in marriage to.

Derek is Krytan’s son.

Maldovaar is Lyra’s dragon friend.

When being the princess of the realm gets to be too much, Lyra escapes to a hidden valley, and cave where her friend Maldovaar the dragon lives. Being with him helps her to unwind and be herself without all the pressure of being a princess. Lyra’s parents do not understand her at all and she knows and accepts this. However, she also knows that her father is going to pick out a husband for her. She has resigned herself to this and hopes the man will be someone she can care for. On the way home one day she meets Derek, Krytan’s son though she does not know this at the time and befriends him. The little boy thinks nothing of visiting Lyra in her room and one night when he is bored he visits her. She takes him back to bed not realizing that the bed he has led her to belong to Krytan. It is there that Krytan finds his son and what he thinks is a serving girl. Unwilling to look a gift horse in the mouth, Krytan takes her in more ways than one, even going so far as to say he will take her with him after he marries the princess and returns to his home. Lyra is less than happy with his attitude and runs away. It is only through the machinations of a small boy that these two are able to come together. Will Krytan be able to convince Lyra, and her pal Maldovaar, he and Derek are worth taking a chance on?

I really enjoyed Tale of the Dragon! Derek and Maldovaar’s conversations really cracked me up. Also, how Lyra talks Maldovaar into sitting on a dragon egg that was totally hilarious! Another thing I liked about this story is that Lyra is not your regular bone skinny heroine. It was so cool that she had curves and some meat on her bones rather than being stick thin. The lovemaking scenes are very erotic and emotional for both parties and I really enjoyed that aspect of this book as well. If you enjoy scifi and fantasy with erotic romance mixed in then you do not want to miss Tale of the Dragon!

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