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C.J. Winters, Carrie S. Masek, Jane Toombs, Christine DeSmet, Janet Lane Walters, Dee Lloyd, Karen Wiesner
ISBN # 978-1-60313-529-0 (trade paperback); 978-1-60313-528-3 (E-book)
September 2009
Whiskey Creek Press
Trade Paperback/E-book
159 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Princess and the Tanzanite Necklace

Jeremy Farrier is an esteemed interior designer, who is now divorced and middle aged. His one true love now is his beloved Boston terrier named Princess.

Margaret Davidson is his longtime assistant; they seem to be close friends. Winifred Persnick is the PI Jeremy hires to help find the missing dog.

When Princess goes missing, Jeremy employs the help of Winifred to find Princess. Only what he finds may be more than what he wants to know.

What cute story. This is a twist on the same old story of women carrying little dogs with them; finally a man going gaga over one.

Lunch at the Topaz Diner

Sarah Sloane almost died in a horrific accident on the San Francisco Bay Bridge. She decided to make a list of things to confront and conquer in order to have her life back in control over her fears.

Ty Mason has spent most of his life in the military and is now setting his sights on a teaching job. He has aged a bit and is not as handsome as he used to be but he is excited to be meeting up with Sarah.

Unknown to Ty, he is a part of Sarah’s list. But in order to move on Sarah needs to meet the fears head on; can she do that now that she is face to face with Ty?

This is a great story showing love and compassion can make no time limits. It takes you through rough patches and back out the other side with a new outlook on things.

The Turquoise Heart

Milo Saari has inherited half of a Turquoise heart that has a long history of love attached to it. However, Milo believes she will never find a love like that, let alone find the man with the other half of the heart.

Damin Riddle is a doctor, who has just been dumped by his fiancé. He also has been given a half of the turquoise heart that once belonged to his grandfather.

Neither Damin nor Milo knows that they each hold the opposite half of the turquoise heart. Both Milo and Damin have the same pull toward each other. When the heart finally comes to light, they believe it was meant to be.

This is a sweet love story that has an old legend of a young love passed through the years and fates of time to bring another couple together.

The Big Love & Murder Shilly-Shally in Moonstone

Tootsie Winters is having a wake for her former husband on a boat he just bought before passing. This day will have her in a tailspin by the time it is over.

Julien-Paul Vandermeer is the younger man that Tootsie is having brief secret encounters with. He has been accused of committing the murder that happened amid the chaos on the boat.

With strange feelings, Tootsie knows something bad is going to happen. But with all the confusion going on, can she find the true killer?

Mystery, lots of mystery in this quick yet fun who done it. Enjoy your ride through this maze of questions and lies.

Woman Freed From Amber

Kriston vowed one day to free Emme from the amber globe. And now he made a vow to keep his nephew from facing the witch of the Woods in another twenty years.

Emme is the same woman as the witch of the Woods. She placed the curse in a fit of anger when the crown prince turned away her love.

When Kriston finds that the witch and Emme are one and the same he wants her to break the curse, only she fears what the punishment will be. In the end, will she do the right thing and find love or still be destined to live her life alone?

Entertaining, this story is like listening to an old folklore. It proves there can be a true love for everyone, even a formerly spoiled witch.

Return to Lake Aquamarine

Nita McCulloch left small town life to pursue a singing career. However, many years later after her father’s death she agrees to sing at a resort back home, even though she once had a relationship with the resort's owner.

Scott Jameson figured he could stay away from Nita when she was at the resort. Only was he ever wrong, he is drawn to her like a moth to a flame. He has never truly gotten over her.

With her father being shot and now her manager missing, it seems that someone is making Nita a target. They need to find out who is behind it all before it ends up being too late.

This is another wonderful story of the power of love, the connection a couple feels to hold them together forever. Great excitement and easy to like characters are what you find in this story.

Behind Amethyst Eyes

Amy Cooper is the shy-quiet type, who has a crush on Rob Channing. She has never let it be known even after he dates one of her friends. He even flirts with her at work, although he cannot be serious can he?

Rob Channing is an accountant for the same company Amy works for. He is a no strings kind of guy, and does not want to make a commitment to any woman. Yet, he has come to enjoy seeing and flirting with Amy but that is because she isn’t his type, right?

With her late father’s business affairs in a wreck, Amy turns to Rob for help. Her friends offer their help with a makeover from head to toe. Her new look and asking for his help turns Rob’s head and his heart. He cannot help but want to be with Amy, but will he run away and hurt her first?

This is another sweet story of the underdog finding love, when they feel they never will. A perfectly fit couple and great friends make this a feel good read.

This collection of love stories all show different genres and many different sides to love and that love can be obtained, even with the worst obstacles in place. Each author has shown their talent by adding their story to make up a selection that will leave you with a smile. Kudos to each Dame on another well compiled group of stories.

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