Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN# 978-1-59426-405-4
November 2009
Mundania Press, LLC
179 Pages
Young Adult Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Colin Sinclair lives with his mother and cat shadow. He is not handling the death of his father well, and defiantly is not going to handle what is about to happen to him any better. Reginald Spencer III was happily awaiting the arrival of his parents for his birthday. He is about to be disappointed by them once again, but the adventure he is about to undertake will help him take his mind off it.

Timmy Shannon lives in Cuba with his mother. He and his best friend, Ollie, are always into mischief, but soon their antics are going to lead them further from home then they have ever dreamed. Ollie Steele lives with his family in Cuba. Timmy is his best friend, and they are about to go on the adventure of a life time.

These four boys are all about to journey further away from home then they ever dreamed. They are about to discover things about themselves they would never dream of in a million years. What is about to happen to them is in some ways worse than the worst nightmare any of them could ever have. Can they find away to become more then strangers banding together for a common cause before their first adventure together becomes their last?

This is a story for any young adult looking for action, danger, or adventure. The authors weave a story that will delight anyone young or old. With amazing characters who go on an amazing adventure, this book will leave you hanging and wanting to read the next book. Talisman: The Nightmare Knife is a great start to a brilliant story. This is defiantly a story I plan to share with my daughter.

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