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Guilty Pleasures

Book 1: In Debt to the Dom
Book 2: Bought for the Billionaire’s Bed
Book 3: Tamed by the Dom


Guilty Pleasures, Book 3
ISBN:  1-61034-498-7
June 2011
Siren Publishing
119 Pages
Erotic Cowboy Romance, BDSM, Sex toys
Rating:  3 Cups

Each day brings Colt Donahue closer to feeling like his club might actually make it; if he can keep the local law off his back.  Club Fusion is a private BDSM retreat for those who enjoy an alternative lifestyle, and Colt has worked too long and hard to lose it now.

At eighteen Katrina Masters left her mother and Fairfax behind and never looked back, until now.  Her mother’s death hits her hard, but an inheritance is the only way she will ever recover from the massive stupidity of borrowing from a loan shark.

Kat is sick with nerves when it hits home that there will be no relief from her debt but to take the job offered to her by Colt goes against every fiber of her being.  Men have never been anything but a disappointment to her, yet there is something about Colt that calls to her.  Colt revels in his Dom nature and much prefers submissive qualities in his women, but despite Kat’s difficult nature, he can practically taste her need.  She needs his control and guidance, but her issues with trust could destroy more than just their relationship.

Kat’s bull-headedness and brash nature is all a smoke screen for a woman who has been used and abused most of her adult life and it is interesting to watch Colt cut right through it.  His strong commanding presence fits with his Dom lifestyle, and you get a feel for how he knows what Kat needs to get past her fear.  Her trust issues are deep seated, and not easily overcome but I love how Colt never lets her down, even when it costs him.  I would like to see more interaction between Colt and Kat within the club scene, and look forward to more Guilty Pleasures.

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