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ISBN: 9781554876969
October 2010
EXtasy Books
89 Pages
Erotic; Paranormal; Fantasy
Rating: 3 Cups

Serephine is a goddess with the power of Chaos. Whenever disaster strikes, Chaos takes over and Serephine can only stand back and watch as her power whirls out of control.

Darvon is a god and has been attracted to Serephine since they were teenagers. But whenever he tries to get close, Chaos takes over and things go from good to bad in an instant.

When Alister, the god of Order, tries to stop Chaos from going too far, he ends up getting hurt. Determined to help his father, Darvon confronts Serephine and grounds Chaos from taking over. After a night of shared passion, he knows something must be done so Chaos does not overwhelm Serephine. Can the goddess figure out how to handle her powers and learn to be as one before it is too late?

Taming Chaos is a good read. The complications that Serephine has with trying to contain Chaos gives us a feel for the conflicts within the tale. The added problem of Chaos being attracted to Order made the obstacles within the book seem more difficult to overcome. Ms. Levey uses hot sex and interesting predicaments to write this unique fantasy world.

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