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The Year of the Gods

Book 1: Taste Me
Book 2: Bind Me
Book 3: Claim Me

The Year of Gods, Book 1
ISBN#: 9781772335118
September 2015
Evernight Publishing
75 Pages
Paranormal, Gay, Fantasy, Erotic, Shifter/Vampires
Rating: 5 Cups

Lucas, and his sisters have lived with Erik, the local vampire lord, since Lucas was thirteen. This is when Erik discovered Lucas was his mate.

Erik has loved Lucas for years, but Lucas was too young at thirteen for Erik to officially make Lucas his mate. Instead, he finishes raising Lucas and Lucas’s seven sisters.

When Lucas’s father a blacksmith discovers that Lucas is the local vampire lord’s mate, he immediately shows up at Erik’s home and offers Lucas to him. Erik can hardly believe a father would be so callous since Lucas is still a child. Lucas is clearly terrified and when Erik finds out just what kind of father the blacksmith is, he sends him to prison and takes custody of Lucas and his sisters. It does not take long for Erik to love not only Lucas but all of his sisters as well. When Lucas turns eighteen, Erik has been holding himself back for so long that he fails to really see that Lucas is ready to become his mate. So much so, in fact, that Lucas nearly makes an unforgiveable mistake. Will Erik finally see that the young man he has raised is truly in love with him and ready to be his mate?

Taste Me is not the first book I have read by Marie Medina and will most definitely not be the last. A master storyteller, Ms. Medina does not disappoint with her latest release Taste Me, the beginning of a wonderful new series. The world building is fantastic, and the developing relationship between Lucas and Erik is very emotionally satisfying. The love scenes are worthy of scorching a few eyebrows as well. I for one could not stop reading until I had made it to the last page. I cannot wait for the other stories in this series! If you love hot m/m romance, and fantasy romance, then this is the book for you!

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