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ISBN#: (13) 978-1-60601-449-3/(10) 1-60601-449-8
June 2009
Siren Publishing
273 Pages
Anthology EROTIC Romance Menage a Trois/Quatre
Rating: 4 Cups

Rachel’s Seduction

Rachel is a reporter for her small town. She has allowed fear of something bad happening to her rule her for her entire life. Sick to death of herself, she knows she has to do something to get out of her rut and decides a true screaming orgasm during sex is just the thing.

Adam and Killian are best friends as well as cops. They’ve made it a habit to share their women, but Adam is getting tired of the endless parade of women and wants something more.

When Rachel calls her best friend to see if she wants to go and get a drink, she is disappointed to discover that her friend is at a party and did not invite her. However, when she discovers it’s one of those “cattlemen parties” she decides it might just be the scoop of the century, so she gets a camera and heads out to the party. What she didn’t count on was the man whose date she turned down, and his partner and best friend to catch her with her car stuck in a ditch after she took four rolls of film of the raunchiest party imaginable. When the men try to blackmail her into sex with both of them will she go along with it and live out her wildest fantasy, or run for her life?

This has to be one of the hottest stories I’ve read in a long time! I loved Rachel’s spunky personality, and the way she ties these two men up in knots. The sex is blistering hot, and graphic, but there is emotion there as well. A story not to be missed!

Riding Lessons

Leah is driving through Montana looking for a place to call home. She is tired of her brother and father trying to run her life and is looking forward to making her own life somewhere where she is not under their thumbs.

Cole and Jesse are twin cowboys. They own a ranch and are very close. So close in fact that they don’t just share their nearly identical features, but their women.

When Leah meets Cole in the grocery checkout line, she practically wets herself he turns her on so much. Leah loves cowboys, and Cole is every cowboy fantasy she has ever had come to life. The attraction is so mutual that Leah attempts to follow Cole back to his ranch for a little fun of the guy and girl variety. However, Cole has more in mind that just he and Leah doing the mattress mamba, he wants his twin brother to join in the fun as well. Will Leah continue her journey to his ranch and take them both up on it or drive away?

Whew! My index finger got numb from staying on the mouse too long and scrolling through the pages of this story; it was so hot! The author does an excellent job of describing the instant attraction that occurs between Leah and Cole and quickly includes Jesse as well. The character’s feelings are easily discernable, and the emotion made the story that much more special. This one is definitely a keeper!

Mackenzie’s Meltdown

Mackenzie or “Mac” as everyone calls her is a thirty-something career woman who is determined to climb the corporate ladder and scale the glass ceiling -- all in her high heels.

Micky and Sean are two college boys that Mac meets in the grocery store.

When Mac’s day just goes from bad to worse with the her laptop hard drive crashing, her crazy mother calling, her sister calling to share good news, and then falling and cracking her head on the asphalt, she has had just about enough. However, in the midst of this truly horrible day, Mac meets two hunky college guys who not only help her solve a number of her problems, but who light her fires as well in more ways than one. Will they just have the one night, or will these young men become something more for Mac?

Mackenzie’s Meltdown is a wonderfully written story that just happens to be sizzlin’ hot as well! As Mackenzie’s day goes from bad to worse you can actually feel your blood pressure going up right along with Mac’s, Ms. Carlton does such as good job of building the tension. I also loved how she “solved” Mac’s problems with two hot hunks! A great story that I’m happy to recommend.

The Elixir

Barb is twenty-nine and has a male best friend called Tommy that she really cares for, though she has never had the nerve to take their relationship any further than friendship.

Thomas and Roland are from a future where men are not allowed to have one woman to themselves. When they find Barb, they think they have gone to heaven.

When Barb realizes that she cannot stop the oncoming lime green Cadillac from hitting her car, she just braces herself. When she begins coming out of it she can hear two men talking and feels a lot of pain. At first she thinks one of the voices is her friend Tommy, but then when she finally comes to, she discovers she has somehow traveled to the future. Fortunately, Thomas and Roland have some sort of healing elixir that helps her pain, but it has a rather interesting side effect as well, it makes her hornier than hell! Not normally a girl who takes sexual chances, Barb finds herself taking them with Thomas and Roland. However, the men’s government is only a few steps away and despite the bonds they are forming, they could all lose each other very easily. Will Barb be able to stay with the men she is coming to care about, or will they be torn from each other?

I really enjoyed this story because the world building is so unique, and well written. I thought it was interesting how regimented her future world was. Ms. Knight did a fantastic job of answering the questions, “What if our sun was dying, and what if there were a shortage of women? How would men handle it?” The blatantly erotic sex was simply icing on the cake of this well written and entertaining story.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this anthology. All of the stories are unique and carry the reader into different worlds -- worlds that I found myself wanting to visit again and again. Great writing, coupled with sizzling, burning hot kinky sex kept this reader entertained for many pleasurable hours. Each story was great by itself, but together this anthology is smokin’!

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