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ISBN: 9781613332245
February 2012
Decadent Publishing Company, LLC
250 Pages
Erotic Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Widowed Elizabeth, Viscountess Rocksley, may not be a virgin but her body has not known erotic pleasure. Her deceased husband's idea of love making was quick, dressed, and under the cloak of darkness.

James, Earl of Malvern, knows many different ways to explore the erotic arts. When he gets an interesting proposition about a widow who is practically a virgin, James accepts.

From the first moment they meet, Elizabeth is fascinated with the earl, and not only because of the size of his...ahem...codpiece. While she is looking forward to the hands on learning experience, James' mask of indifference begins to wear on her nerves. Elizabeth is determined to make his mask slip and she uses every trick in her bag to do so. But what can become of a widow who knows next to nothing about pleasure and a man who is most known for the pleasure he can create with just his hands?

Teach Me is a decadent read that will overwhelm your senses and have you reeling from the many different erotic scenes. With just a whisper, a caress, or a simple kiss, Ms. Dean takes the reader on an adventure full of hedonistic pleasure as well as bittersweet moments. The interaction between James and Elizabeth is delightfully naughty, leaving me quite breathless. As the earl struggled with the emotional spiral that Elizabeth causes him every time they meet, I found myself crossing my fingers and hoping he would not damage the beautiful person that she is. When a novel has you feeling the way I did about the characters, you know it is a tale that will not disappoint and this one most certainly did not.

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