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Neighbor’s Series

Book 1: Meeting a Neighbor’s Needs
Book 2: A Neighbor’s Ultimatum
Book 3: Teach Me, Master

Neighbor’s Series, Book 3
July 2011
Downtime Press
105 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

After 4 years of spying on her neighbor, Triss Long finally got the chance to meet the succulent man. Unfortunately, it was due to disaster and not the intimate meeting she always imagined.

When Triss bumped headlong into Vince Black and his date for the night, he was instantly curious about her amazing control when she was verbally attacked by his date. Disgusted with the way his date treated a stranger, he sent her home and decided to get to know Triss a little better.

What began as an accidental meeting soon has Triss and Vince in an entangled and sensual relationship that has evolved out of their twice weekly naughty phone calls. But Vince is ready for more and he knows that Triss is just as excited about exploring the word of BDSM. He is ready to convince her that giving up control to someone you trust is not the bad thing she thinks it is. Can Vince convince Triss that she is ready for the next step, or will she run away from her chance at happiness?

I really like the unique set-up of this story. The way Triss and Vince first meet and then get to know each other solely through their phone calls for the first year made this an addictive read. It gave me the chance to really get a feel for some of Triss’ misgivings and hang-ups. Many authors know how to capture a reader’s attention, but Ms. Rain has gone a step further by tying me in knots and keeping me bound to the novel until the last page was read.

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